Palestinian barber gives clients haircuts using fire

A Palestinian barber, Ramadan Edwan, 37, uses an innovative technique to style his clients’ hair – by setting their hair on fire.Palestinian barber gives clients haircuts using fire

Lack of electricity forced Ramadan to adapt new techniques for hair straightening at his salon in the Rafah refugee camp, southern Gaza.

The technique is so unique it attracts huge crowd to his barber shop to witness the flaming haircuts. Ramadan pours flammable powder and liquid on the client’s hair and set it on fire with a lighter. He then styles the client’s hair with combs through the fire until he achieves the perfect look.

According to him, the fire technique is good for blood circulation and also feeds and protects the hair. However, he is not the first to use this technique. Barbers in India and Spain use similar hair-styling method.

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