Optical Illusion: Striped crop top goes viral

The internet left baffled after a girl shared a selfie of her wearing a striped crop top on Twitter.

The girl named Madeline who bought the dress at Forever 21 had no idea that her dress would go viral like the flip flops, the dress or colour changing handbag.

At first glance it looks like a bathroom selfie features a girl wearing a normal striped top but if opened up the picture, we could see the magical optical illusion – the stripes appear to bend and move.

The internet soon got filled with different theories on the optical illusion.

However, experts clarified the phenomenon as aliasing which means when the striped top gets viewed on a larger picture, a distortion occurs as a result the stripes appear to bend and move. As a side note, the optical illusion cannot be seen in laptops or desktops but in mobile phones only. The lower resolution of phone’s screens makes the pixels appear distorted.

Theories aside, internet had fun with the picture and retweeted over 2,000 times.

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