Mexico’s Chamber of Deputies gets renamed Chamber of Rats on Google Maps

The year 2017 starts not so well for Mexico. The country is facing unrest, protests, looting of shops all kinds of stuff. In addition to these, some pranksters recently renamed Mexico’s lower house of Congress to “Chamber of Rats” on Google Maps.

Mexico's Chamber of Deputies gets renamed Chamber of Rats on Google Maps
Image Courtesy: Flickr/ Thomas Angermann

The parliament also known as Chamber of Deputies was altered to “Cámara de ratas”, the Spanish word “rata” which is also slang for thief in Mexico.

Google Mexico soon removed it from the map and apologized for “inappropriate content” created by a user. “Our teams are working fast to resolve this incident,” Google Mexico said in a statement.

This, however, is the second attack in the space of two days. Earlier reports suggest that pranksters had changed the name of the presidential residence to the “Official Residence of Corruption” on Google Maps.

People are visibly unhappy with the current status of the political class. The finance ministry’s decision to increase the price of gasoline by 20% backfired and agitations broke out throughout the country. Protestors have demanded the resignation of President Enrique Pena Nieto as his credibility was severely damaged due to corruption scandals.

As per a survey conducted by Transparency International in 2013, 91% of respondents claimed political parties to be corrupt or extremely corrupt, while 83% took the same view of the legislature. Transparency International also ranked Mexico the 95th most corrupt country out of 168 countries.

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